~Jane~ Psychic / White witch

About Jane...

I have been interested in the Tarot since I was a child and always do readings intuitively. So, the readings I give contain psychic messages and insight from Spirit.  

My psychic readings are aimed to give guidance, understanding and insight,  and I will always maintain dignity and compassion to perceptions about your place and point in time in this existence and any higher heavenly intercession.

People come to me looking for advice on issues like relationship problems, choices posed about new career directions, dilemmas with their children, health or financial concerns, or burdens about living with grief. Without fail, my psychic guidance and insight from Spirit will help guide your own choices in life.

For over 10 years, I have regularly published articles in  White Light magazine, in Australia. I have appeared on Barbara Mackey's show on CBS New Jersey Radio in America. Here is a clip with myself on the show:  Visions with Barbara Mackey .

Love and Light to you all....
~Jane~ Psychic Tarot and White Witch